Green Velvet



Another drugstore nail gem that ive recently purchased is this BYS Velvet Nail Polish in green for $14.00. I was very curious how itll feel like to have velvet finished nails since i pretty much love the matte texture. I didnt know if theres any other colors apart from this and orange. The green one is the last box so i just grabbed it! Lol.

Application? Well its pretty easy. I literally just followed the instructions from the behind the box.

I used the silver board to catch the excess velvet and brush it back in to the pot. Just make sure when you do this nail polish, youre in a minimal air room (i hope you get what i mean lol).

End results is fabulous! I love the velvet texture and the way it makes my hands look very fair and posh.

Although, since i cook/bake aka wash my hands a lot, it didnt stay too long on my nails. Its easy to remove as well if in case your wondering when i removed it. Its not like a glitter polish nightmare. Lol.

Anyways, tell me if you have tried it too! Or is there any other brands that i should have a see!







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