Holidays 2013 Look


Yup, i know its pretty late to post my Holiday look, but its better than never lol.

So anyways, as for my Christmas day look i went for a more feminine chic that i know my boyfriend would love.
This dress is actually a Lanvin skirt but in a way, thanks to my mini height, i was able to use it that way. I really really love the deep dark green color of it and paired it against my nude belt with gold buckle from Mulberry, Dolce & Gabbana mini tote, gold H&M flats and gold accessories. Then i just did my go-to very femme makeup with MAC kinda sexy matte lipstick and im all set.

I really love this look for special occasions like this to match up with my boyfriend’s menswear look. Hope you guys like it as much as me and my boyfriend does!


Lanvin dark green skirt used as dress, Mulberry nude belt with gold buckle, Dolce & Gabbana leopard print mini tote bag, H&M gold flats, gold accessories



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