Velvet Lips


I am so in looooove with Topshop’s Velvet Lips in Velveteen Ribbon. And apparently, i think i was late to find out it about lol
I dropped by Topshop the other day, saw this rouge beauty. And oh my, i fell in love with even without trying it on my kissers. (Yeap, im a little ocd when trying on stuff on my lips lol)
Unfortunately, they only have a tester left and im dying to have it. For the price of S$23 it sounds okay, but for sure its cheaper in England. Which is why im going to ask my lovely boyfriend to pick it up for me lol. (Hust so you know, this isnt the first time i asked him to pick me my makeup stuff. Each time he comes home to me, i would send him a LONG list of makeup i need him to buy from Boots lol)

Anyways, well i just have to wait til i put my hands on this beauty!



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