My love for Boots! Not shoes, but the drugstore haha!

Soooooo… Ever since ive been to the UK last year visiting my boyfriend’s family and celebrating my birthday, i have been soooooo in love with Boots! Yes, it has been predicted by my boyfriend and i had no choice but to accept that i would be a Platinum member soon (if they would have, but as far as i can go, im just gonna be a regular member like his mum haha) with their rewards program lol. If you all dont know, its a big drugstore/pharmacy and beauty shop like CVS in Australia, Ulta/ Target / Walmart in US and Watson’s/Guardian in Singapore. A place where you can pick up a lot of stuff; from medicines, bath and beauty stuff, CHEAP & GOOD MAKEUP, food, and a whole buncha things haha; both what you need and you dont actually need. (Kinda sounds like Daiso, doesn’t it?)

Anyways, so ive been missing going shopping in there. As a solution, i go to their website to browse (so i can ask my lovely and super kind boyfriend to pick it up for me so when he comes back to visit me here in Singapore, he can take it along) and lately, shop with any stuff i both need and want (and yes, have it delivered to my boyfriend’s place and wake him up at 9am to open the door hahaha (im so sorry,babe! 😦 ).

My first time in Boots and i’ve spent £120 if im not wrong buying a lot, lot, lot of makeup and beauty products including my Real Techniques brushes which wasnt available in Singapore til late last year. And plus, my all time fave shower gel from Original Source that is just soooooo lovely and addictive (ill make a separate post for that!)! I wasnt able to go back to England yet so i just, as normal, ask my boyfriend to pick stuff for me from a very, very long list that every single guy gets confused and just takes it as a challenge to get everything he could see in the list just like how my boyfriend does it (cause he knows how much of freak i am when it comes to makeup that itll drive me insane haha i love you Shane!! Hehe). The last time i asked him to pick up was when he came to see me last Christmas which costs me £35 as far i can remember which wasnt so bad for me comparing how much i paid last time! Hahahaha! So, in order for me to make up for that, i went online and bought a total sum of £49.90 just this month that gave me a free shipping fee to my boyfriend’s house and got me good deals! Yay me! Lol.

Well, i couldn’t do a haul yet of all the stuff cause its with my boyfriend. But ill do one, once ive gotten it and hopefully thats when i move to England!

Thats it for now! Til the next post!



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