Cheat Day Date!


I haven’t mentioned in my posts before that ive been on half-juicing and half-low-calories-meals diet 5-6 days a week, since i have gained weight over the last year. So anyways, ill do another post for my juicing recipes and low calorie meals to share with you guys. As encouraged by my lovely man, its best to have one day off from my strict diet and stress from my daily life. Lol.

Anyways, on to the post: since my boyfriend is away in England, I went out for a girly date last Saturday with my close friend and roommate, Mycah. Well, it was an uber-girly date! Haha! We started, well half of the day already by running to Toa Payoh to pick up my Trader Joe’s Specuulous Crunchy Cookie Butter (did i mention im on a diet?) Oh i love this stuff! Im so hooked! It is one of the things i really cant give up!

After a quick meet with my supplier for my cookie butter lol, we went to have the cheapest Michelin star from Tim Ho Wan. Since Mycah hasnt tried yet, i made sure we just got the blockbuster ones from the menu: the scrumptious pork buns, har gao, siu mai, and the carrot cake that to my surprise was very very tasty! Take note! This isnt a typical carrot cake that bakeries sell, its a Hong Kong style fried radish carrot squares. I am bit sure really what it is but its amazing with a touch of soy sauce!

Then for a bigger a meal, we went to see the sexy Kit Harrington’s new movie, Pompeii which i personally think isnt so amazing. But if you love how rugged and fuzzy and sexy he is one roll, then this movie is for you! We drooled for about 2 hours watching him say his one page lines while snacking some Canele’s Fleur De Sal, Feuilletine, & Chocolate Noir macarons. Yum!!

Then we dropped by Topshop for me to pick this faux fur black slip ons that i just have to have! And went off to mother Guardian (the biggest Guardian pharmacy in Singapore) for a bit of scanning and trying some skin care products which we shall be purchasing in the future if it really works for us! Oh yeah, and i couldnt forget to drop by Sephora to try the most raved Laura Mercier’s secret camouflage since it has failed me with their creamy concealer.

But the main part of our girl date is Laurent Bernard. Yes, hes a French man, that sells the sexiest chocolates i have ever had here in Singapore. Oh joy! Mycah got the Black Forest that you can taste the little amount of kirsch thats in it, while i had the Truffle that is a deliciously deep chocolate that is just so lovely.

We know that our way of eating is so weird that we just have to have something savory! We ended munching some Tomato Mozzarella sandwiches while sipping the popular coffees from Smitten Cafe. A lot of food bloggers raved about how nice the coffees are here and we just have to try. I am not a coffee lover but i do drink coffee occasionally when I want but i didnt find this one bad. It has this very roasted deep coffee taste that coffee lovers would love. And last but not the least, scored a yokeless cheesecake for half the price over 9pm! Ha!

Overall, that day was amazing! It was great to catch up with her after having a tiring week from work and my short trip home to manila last, last week.

I did snap a few pictures for you guys to see! So, what are you planning/ have you done this Saturday? Tell me!














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