March Drugstore Skincare Haul!




Hey all! Oh yes, I dropped by Guardian’s one day sale last
Wednesday (I think lol) only to pick up my contact lens solution which i assumed would be a fairly good bargain since its a sale! I decided to head to the biggest Guardian one in Orchard road cause i just love going to that one cause they have the Boots brand and its just so huge! After 30 minutes, I ended coming out of the shop with 3 big bags 😭! Anyways, so before we hop into why i came out with 3 bags, its more of the idea i made some good purchases in my defense. Haha!

Moving on! So here’s a list of what i all got from Guardian:

Bausch + Lomb Renu Multipurpose Solution
Definitely, definitely a need for my daily life since i wear contact lenses everyday since start of University… Which was 8 years ago? Oh my. Next!
TRESsemme Cleanse & Nourish and Thermal Recovery Conditioners
So im actually supposed to get Naturals line but i decided to try this one instead cause it was only $14.90 for two bottles, but unfortunately i got the wrong bottle for my free one cause i was in a rush. 😭 anyways, ill still use it in the future. Lol. Maybe? Haha. So far the Cleanse and Nourish one is quite good for me. My hair is softer, less tangled and looks like a loose waves which i am liking rather than tight ones when i was using Clairol’s.
Gliders Sports Band
Okay, no explanation for hair ties but i hope this one would really be kind to my hair.
Bioderma Sensibio H2O
I know im quite late on trying this one but at least it finally made its way to my skincare stash. Its really good, removes all my makeup and stubborn waterproof mascara, gentle to my skin and cleanses my face well. I love, love, love this! Ill get the giant mother bottle once i finish this one. And oh yeah, i got 5 pieces of the Bioderma eye cream samples for me to try.
Boots Simply Sensitive Gentle Refreshing Toner
Ive read some good reviews about this one and im glad ive purchased it for $5 something. Sorry i forgot! Its been gentle to my skin and its light. Its not like other toners that dries out your skin. Removes any traces of makeup and scentless. Good products for the price!
Simple Kind to Skin Light Moisturizer
As what the label says, its a light moisturizer for sensitive skin, like mine, but what i like about this one is i just need a bit and its not that strong. I dont like moisturizers that is just too moisturizing that i look like i spilled some olive oil on my face. It just gives me enough moisture that makes my skin look healthy and glowing. I just dab a bit on my t zone and a bit more for the rest of my skin and im done!
Boots Cucumber Whitening Eye Gel
Well, i still have to review on this one cause i couldnt tell yet. Its only been 5 days since i started using it.
Guardian’s Large Facial Pada
I saw this and i was like, “why the hell not??”
Avene Eau Thermal Water Spray
A lot of beauty bloggers, makeup artists, models, etc have raved about this French magical water in a spray since last year and i just have to try it. It is a really good refresher to your skin anytime of the day, i use it after cleansing my face with my Bioderma Sensibio H2O, after i shower, after using my Mizon Hyaluronic Mask or just practically when im bored and i just wanna spray away. Lol. I recommend this for traveling especially when youre taking long flights and just a daily skin refresher.
Neutrogena Oil Free Makeup Remover Wipes
I love taking this for traveling! And it has this cool soothing effect after using it. A must if you jut hate pouring out makeup removers to a cotton pad.
Mizon Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule Essential Sheet Mask
Im starting to go crazy on the hyaluronic acid craze that i just to pick up this one. Its a popular Korean brands and most of us know that Koreans are so crazy about skincare that it doesnt have to cost a lot. I picked this up from Venus shop for 5 for $9.90 I wanted to find out if this would work on my skin and yes, it did! The mask wasnt a perfect fit on my face but i managed to squeeze out a bit from the pack and use it on my neck. I followed the instructions and placed it on my face for 20 mins and it was almost dry when i removed it. I love it! My skin soaked up almost all of it and definitely felt like it was deeply hydrated. It was a bit sticky at the end so i decided to spray my Avene thermal spray and it felt good. I slept and woke up the next day with an extra glow. My skin looked amazing and i didnt need much foundation and concealer. Im loving this product!
Mizon Collagen Ampoule Essential Sheet Mask
I still havent tried this one but im hoping itll be good cause the other one didnt fail me. Ill definitely do a review after i have tried it.

Oh, and i did pick up this Catrice Moisturizing Loose powder that is just divine! And cost me only $10.90! Perfect for additional glow from within powder to dust all over. A little goes a long way for this beauty!

Thats all for now! Hope this was helpful! Let me know if there are any more good products that i could try!



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