Skinny Green Tea Latte




My mornings would never be complete without my Skinny Green Tea Latte. Yes, it is a given fact. I even brought in Shane in to my addiction to it. lol. Anyways, as well all know, buying them from Starbucks or Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is not a cheap option, more so on a quick one. Ive always liked them and hated the calorie count now that I’m on my diet. So, i decided to recreate them myself. I’ve listed them below what you need to make my version of Skinny Green Tea Latte. It only takes 5 things and 5 minutes to make one lovely cup, but definitely 1/4 the price of one tall or small cup from the coffee shop. Wonderful, isn’t it?


Louise’s Iced Skinny Green Tea Latte

makes: one 300 ml latte

Ingredients/ Tools:

1 heatproof water bottle or cup / mug

2 teaspoons of Matcha / Green Tea Powder (You can get this in a supermarket. I don’t really remember what brand I’ve used, but i just grabbed a cheap one)

2 teaspoons of Honey (I’ve used Marks & Spencer’s Wildflower Honey. Although, I recommend just to use a plain basic one. I don’t like it flowery, but this one isn’t that much so i find it okay.You can also use agave/ maple syrup or if you really don’t care, sugar!)

50 ml of hot water

250 ml or 1 cup vanilla flavored Soy milk (I use Pacific Soy Milk in Vanilla or Silk Vanilla Soy Milk. Trust me, I’ve tried a couple of brands, from cheap ones to mid range (Natura Vanille Soy Milk) to a bit pricey (Silk or Pacific). For me, Pacific is the best one. Its your choice.)

3-4 cubes of ice



1. Pour in the green tea/ matcha powder to the container.

2. Add hot water & honey.

3. Cover with lid and shake rigorously.

4. Pop the lid open and add the soy milk.

5. Shake rigorously again.

6. Pour in a glass with ice or store.

***Can be stored in 2 days.

Voila! Easy peasy! Hope you guys enjoy!




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