Grapes & Banana Smoothie



Happy Sunday, everyone! Today, i want to share one of my favorite dessert smoothie which ive been loving recently. Ever since ive gotten into juicing and eating healthier, ive been reading tons and tons of food blogs ( is one of my favorites!) and smoothie & juicing recipes i could do to not bore myself with the same meals.

This smoothie tastes soooo good and is more like of a dessert cause of the banana. But also contains 50% water content from the grapes, which is good if you dont drink a lot of water. I love this recipe that i had to share it!

Grapes & Banana Smoothie
makes 1 tall glass

1 ripe frozen banana
15 pcs seedless grapes
175ml greek vanilla yoghurt
3-4 ice cubes

1. Cut up the banana and put them in the blender.
2. Add grapes, yoghurt and ice then blend!
3. Serve!

Its that easy! Hope you guys enjoy!



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