Real Techniques Retractable Bronzer Brush, Miracle Complexion Sponge & Stiffling Brush




First of everything, my new makeup tools!
I bought the all new Retractable Bronzer Brush since im still in search of the perfect bronzing brush. Its their newest addition to their brush line. Its a big stifling brush that has a pull out metal cover that you push back in with a plastic cap to cover. This is great for traveling despite there a bit more weight in it. I still have to try this one. Get it here

Miracle Complexion Sponge is a Beauty Blender dupe. It can be used to apply foundation; either damp or dry, concealer, cream products, or set powder on small parts of your face. I still have to try this but it just kinda annoys me that i have to clean it after 2-3 heavy uses i guess. Get it here.

Lastly, the Stifling Brush since i want to use it with my new cream products for blushing and contouring. Get it here.

Thats for my new makeup brushes! Ill do another post for my favorite makeup brushes soon!



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