Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick




Hey guys! So today im doing a review of the Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Gloss Stick 3D Volume Super Colour Lip Shine in Bashful. Its one of those “i-think-i-need-this/these” kind of purchase and i just decided to pop it in my virtual shopping basket while im e-shopping at Well yeah, its part of my huge march makeup haul that i posted last week in here.

Anyways, so ive been hearing all these gloss sticks that Clinique started followed by Revlon, Bourjois, W7, Rita Ora for Rimmel and now, MAC! So amongst all of these brands, quite surprising i didnt pick up the Bourjois ones, i decided to go for this one from Soap & Glory cause i have to admit, the name gimmick really gets me lol. But ive seen reviews and Revlon didnt do me so well when i swatched it and i dont want to spend more for Clinique. So Soap & Glory it is!

I love the simple cute pink and black packaging and was so excited to try and just pop the cap off. Swatched it first on my hands and felt that it was sticky that made me nervous cause i really dont like sticky glosses! But still, proceeded to glide it on my lips. After a few rub arounds, i finished off with a glossy, healthy looking, luscious lips! Plus i love the vanilla scent that you get on the first glide! I LOVE IT! The color is in Bashful and it looks so pretty and natural. A natural looking, my lips looking better, plumper and a bit more healthy pink color.

Well, i think as much as i love matte lippies, ill probably be wearing this a lot this summer cause its so darn easy to maintain. Although it doesnt have a long staying power, i still can accept it.

Hope you guys like my review. You can get it here!

Til the next one!




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