Velvet Lip Creams

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Ever since I was completely brokenhearted by Topshop’s Velvet Lips in Velveteen Ribbon when I was far too late to get one, i made sure I’m going on a huge lip cream hunt for it. Along the way, i found, well… a lot more shades that i think i also need!

Anyways, I was soooo excited to try the Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lips until it just hit the shops a few weeks ago so i was able to get one. But before that, i was scouting the internet for what else i could try. So here’s what i got lol ill do a review of each below cause they are all different! they’re all matte, yes., but the formulation, color payoff, application, price, etc all differs!

Without further ado, here we go!



Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet

My first love on lip creams! Ive already bought this 2 weeks ago and did a review as well. you can find it here. I got the shade in 05 Ole Flamingo which is a bright pink that is just so gorgeous! The formula is wet when first applied, then gives you enough one minute to apply another layer and then mattifies. The applicator is easy to use and the staying power is up til i say, 6 hours with eating and drinking. it doesn’t dry up my lips plus it moisturizes! The packaging is adorable too. it look classy cause its in a glass with a plastic cap applicator. it comes in 8 shades and a bit pricey (£8.99)  for normal drugstore/highstreet lip cream. you can get it here!

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Sleek Matte Me Lip Cream

On another drugstore/highstreet love! i’ve got 3 shades: Birthday Suit – a nude shade that is great to pair with smokey eyes, Fandango Purple – purple-pink shade that is a touch close to Bourjois’ Ole Flamingo, and Rioja Red- a very sexy red that is now a new fave of mine! it reminds me of my MAC Russian Red but is more reddish and just so matte! Bourjois’ Personne Rouge is a similar one. This one a lot cheaper (£4.99) than the Bourjois one but does the same job. A bit more harder to apply with the applicator to which I’m not really sure what is the difference, gives you time to reapply and do it well then mattifies. When it mattifies, it has this powdery finish that is not easy to remove by just your fingers. you need a wet tissue or a makeup remover to do it. i feel that its not as moisturizing like Bourjois but i love the color payoff! It has 5 shades and you can get them here!



Collection Cream Puff Lip Cream

Another cheap but good alternative is this one from Collection. It costs £2.99 (but i got for $12sgd in Watson’s Ngee Ann City) but also does the job. I got the color Cotton Candy which is a nude pink that is nice and flattering. It has this faint vanilla smell that kinda switches into a plastic smell(? am i making any sense? lol) that i don’t like. You need to reapply a second layer to get the full color and it doesn’t stay so long. After i ate, i found myself completely retouching it. I guess, you get what you pay for. The packaging is a plastic tube with a velvet handle-applicator. I recommend this if you happen to be in Boots/ Watson’s and you want to try some cheap lip cream but is good. you can get it here.

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Manhattan Soft Mat Lip Cream

The cheapest amongst the rest but has a good color payoff! I got them in such an amazing deal from for £.99 (£3.99 supposedly)! since it was dirty cheap, i decided to get all the colors they have: 95G – nude color leaning to brown, 95M – nude color leaning on pink, 53M – pink with a touch of coral and 54L – a soft bright pink. They remind me A LOT of Collection in terms of the faint vanilla scent but has no plastic-y after smell which i love. same packaging and same staying power. I recommend this if you just want to try out some cheap lip creams but is good enough.


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Other brands that do Lip Creams:

Makeup Academy MUA Luxe Velvet Lips 

This one i also wanted to try but perhaps on my next purchase! it came a little late when my boyfriend flew in back to me so i had no time to buy it. comes in 5 shades and is available in Superdrug for £3.00 each.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

This might be one of the first to do the lip creams but in oh-so-affordable price. I didn’t buy it because the shades that i like are always ALWAYS out of stock. It comes in 22 shades so you get loads to choose from and costs only U$6.00. Available in Sephora.


Well, there you have it! Do let me know if you know other brands that do lip creams cause I’m obsess with it and i wanna try more!





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