Seventeen 17 Cheek Stamp



Now on to my most fave purchase in my beauty haul… the Seventeen 17 Cheek Stamp! Oh i was just so excited to try these out for spring/summer! Basically, they are powder blushes pan in a deep plastic tube-tub kinda like that has a twist spring on-off cover sponge applicator that you can use to apply by stamping the blush on your cheeks and it also comes with a small round mirror at the end of the blush tube.

Its great for toting it in your purse cause surely you wont get it open and spread all over. I personally bought them cause i like the idea on how the packaging is and they only cost £4.99 which is great cause it has a good color pay off and they stay really long. Here are the shades:

Blushing – a very soft pink with shimmer
Bashful – a warm brown with light shimmer
Stare Struck – muted brownish pink with heavy shimmer (i got this one)
Cheek Of It – a peachy bronze with heavy shimmer
Made You Look – a matte bright pink with blue undertones (i got this too!)

I really like wearing the made you look shade during the day cause it makes you look so pretty and girly. Dont be scared on the bright pink shade cause all you need to do is add a little bit at a time and just build up as much as you want. Then i use the stare struck more on when i wear smokey eyes or at night when i dont want to look so pinky and just want to add some glow on my cheeks. I highly recommend these blushers cause they are so good and affordable. I cant wait to get all of the shades cause they are just darn fantastic! I even rave about it to my friends, and they also want to try it! Anyways, i hope you guys find this review helpful. You can get it here
Let me know if youve tried or planning to get one!



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