Vanilla Pudding With Caramel from NamNam


Me and Shane loves NamNam Noodle Bar. Its a casual Vietnamese restaurant here in Singapore which serves beef noodle bowl that has a clear broth soup that is super tasty and just so perfect when you feel poorly. It comes in different variations for meat toppings as well. Another is their dry noodles that Shane really likes cause aside from the consistent good taste, the portion complies well for the price. We also like their side dishes, mainly the shrimp pork fried rolls that has sweet, sour, spicy dip that compliments so well. Plus, the lime soda that is just so damn refreshing!

One particular thing that took me by surprise is their Vanilla Pudding with Caramel which i thought, “alright sure, ill give that a go”. So it was served to us, with a chip on top with powder sugar dusting on it , and was screaming to cut through him. So i gave in and spooned out the soft pudding and got a bit of the caramel just before i put into my mouth. And boy, i was amazed! It was so creamy that is like a custard and as silky as a panna cotta, plus the sweet caramel that just blends everything together. It was divine. And Shane was in pudding heaven each mouthful, too. Lol. It costs $3.90 and is perfect as a palette cleanser after the heavy meal. I highly recommend this to be tried.



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