DIY Ombre Hair

And yes, im back! I know ive been not blogging for a few weeks now cause I got my tooth extracted, had food poisoning, switching jobs & country (which hopefully i get!), preparing to move to a new house, and now getting better from my colds. Ive been dying to do some blog post and now i finally had the time.

Since theres so many things happening to my life at the moment which i am looking at it as a fresh new start for me, i decided to change my hairstyle. I havent had a hairstyle refresh for such a long time! Plus ive been eyeing to do the ombre hair for quite a while now, i decided to just jump into it!

Okay, so ive read and read loads about how to do the diy ombre/dip dye/bayalage and even watch videos. I think the most hopeful one is from Lily Melrose. She made it very very easy cause it is! Definitely check out her youtube channel, blog (beauty & fashion), shes very lovely!

Anyways, on to what i did, so i had to get a highlighting creme with dye but the best thing i could get and is also cheap is Gatsby’s Ex Hi Bleach in Clear Blond for guys which costs $9.60 from Watsons. I decided to get this because i think it would just give the same effect, its with bleach and its cheap! Well, cheaper than the other brands.
I also got the Asian Secrets Morrocan Argan Hair Mask from Guardian which costs $13.90 which i would use after to rinse my hair and maintain cause bleach would definitely dry your hair out. So before i started, i got an old bf tshirt, timer, gloves, foil to cover the dyed hair and a nice cold yakult green tea to back me up while i wait for it to dye. Its just so bloody hot here in Singapore at the moment!

I started by diving my hair into two sections, parting on the middle. Then i mixed the dye according to instructions and then I started applying on my hair from my chin height downwards. I used up 2/3 of the creme and covered it with the foil then i let it sit for 30 minutes. After that i washed my hair completely removing all the bleach and dye. It lightened up my hair but i need to do the second gradation. So i measured my hair from the cheat downwards and reapplied the bleach dye and covered with foil, let it sit for another 20 minutes. After watching a few youtube videos and my yakult green tea, i was done and washed my hair. I conditioned my hair twice and applied hair mask. Its still dry but its a lot better!

Im so happy how it turned out! Thinking i just did it at home with my friend, Grace’s help in trimming a couple of inches of my hair, i was ecstatic with the outcome!

A few tips:
1. Before bleaching/dyeing your hair, make sure its completely moisturized. Use hair mask or a deep conditioning creme. This will help your hair from getting it very dry.
2. Make sure the dye you buy is either a highlighting creme or as long as its with bleach cause if its just a normal dye, the dye WONT STICK AT ALL.
3. Deep condition your hair for 3 consecutive days after bleaching/dyeing it.
4. Ask for a friend’s help if youre not unsure

Well hopefully that was helpful!

Ill post an update on how my hair turned out after a week or two.

Til the next post!






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