June Favorites


Hi everyone! After a roller coaster ride of switching jobs and immigrations stuff, i’m finally back in Singapore! Well, ill be starting my new job pretty soon and im so excited cause this a brand that I personally like and use.




Anyways, so lets begin my June favorites! If many of you all don’t know, June to July in Singapore is the Great Singapore Sale period. So, YES! Loads and loads of places are on sale! Haha! I was browsing in Sasa last week when I was told by the nice saleslady that The Balm has 20% off discount so I hurriedly ran to their counter and got myself The Balm Mary Lou-manizer which ive been lusting for so long! It was S$36 dropped to S$25! Yeap, I just couldnt say no that. I dont think I can get it cheaper elsewhere. Its such a nice smooth highlighting powder that will give you a nice light golden glow. OH MY GOD im in love with it!! Ive been wearing it so much lately that I find it insane lol! I highly recommend this one! Plus, this product and I kinda share the same name (My real name is Mary Louise)! Get it here!



Next is the new release from Bourjois, Volume 1 Second Mascara in Black. I know this is a bold statement, but I think I found my holy grail for mascara! Like what its name says, it really gives you lengthening and volume for your lashes. It has a barrel brush that combs thru and pushes the products to your lashes. It is such a great dupe for Benefit’s They’re Real mascara but definitely half the price! I got this for S$17.40 which was discounted from S$22. It also comes in waterproof formula thats great for weddings festivities and such. Another highly recommended product! I don’t think ill be looking for another mascara for a while! Get it here!


I was in Manila last week til early this week and I met up with my lovely best friend Pinky that completely made me decided to get the ever so popular Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana. Yeeeeees, I finally got my hands on this! Just a little background, this is the setting/highlighting powder that Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist use on her under eyes and the other highlighted parts of her face. Hey, if its good for Kim, then it should be good for all of us. Lol. So, I got the 15oz bottle cause I just wanted to try first over the 30oz. Although the price difference was only PHP599 vs PHP799 (S$17.40 vs S$23), I decided to just buy another bottle when I finished this. This is a very finely milled yellow colored powder that is just gorgeous and so easy to use. Although, I super hate the powder top cover that you have to completely be light handed when tapping the product out or else you will waste a lot of it specially that for this powder, a little goes a long way. So, yes, im recommending this powder! Get it here!

One more thing that I havent really mentioned is how much I love the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in Warm Medium. This has been raved about everywhere in blogosphere that is an amazing dupe for the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. Ive tried last January and have been using it so much until now. It does a great job on covering my hideous dark under eyes. Its thick and creamy in consistency which covers up even spots and scars and leaves you spotless. Its S$16 here in Watson’s Singapore but its only PHP299 (S$8.90) in Landmark Philippines! I gasped when I saw them and immediately bought 2! Well now I know I can get it cheaper in UK (£4.19) and Philippines! Get it here!


One more thing I got from Sasa is Ardell Lashes in 110 Black for S$7 for my extra lash drama that I need. My eyes are quite picky when it comes to lashes, that I just cant stand the thick band ones. These are so good and makes my lashes look so much better! Get it here!


Last but not the least is the Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat from Sasa priced at $12 from $15. This is my holy grail for top coats. It is just such a life saver specially for me who just cant stand waiting for my nails to dry for one house. It dries up your nail in 5 minutes stat! Highly recommended! Get it here!

That’s it for now! Let me know if there’s any of you guys would recommend for me to try!




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