Steal Makeup Brushes!

Every time I go back to Metro Manila for a vacation, I always make sure that I drop by Landmark in Makati. Its my secret place to buy makeup brushes in cheap prices and im sharing it all to you guys! They have quite a range of brushes but its mostly whatever is just available there. So I dropped by and see whats in store for me this time. I giggled and just basically grabbed everything that I “think” I need. lols. Well here goes!

First of all is my favorite amongst all of what I bought, Beauty Blender Dupes!!! I. WENT. WILD. Although I have never owned any Beauty Blender, I have compared it with and they are SO SIMILAR! I love using it damped for applying any cream products and dry for powder products. Easy to clean, comes in two shapes, and in 4 different colors, and the knock out price of Php 79.95 (£1.00)! Beat that!


Next are the synthetic kabuki brushes; flat top & round. These are super soft and super good in application. I use it for powders, bronzing, and blush. I do want to try the flat top one to apply liquid foundation just to see if it works. Priced at Php 144.75 (£2.45), this is a great deal!

This Huge Fan Brush in natural hair is my fave brush to apply my highlighting powder. It deposits enough product on my skin and just so easy and fast to swipe on! I did notice that the hair falls out a bit but for the price of Php44.75 (£0.60), I think its okay.


This Synthetic Face Brush is also another favorite. Im currently using it right now and the brush just feels so lush! Costs Php119.75 (£1.60), its just so amazing! Here is a picture of how big it looks like compared to my Makeup Forever Large Face Brush.

Another current fave right now is this Large Angled Contour Kabuki Brush. This brush feels so divine and I know I need this so much that I popped two in my basket! Priced at Php149.75 (£2.53).

Another angled brush that I got is this Flat Angled Kabuki Brush. I havent tried it yet but im planning to use it to apply blush or contour. Priced at Php109.75 (£1.48).

Next one is this Large Foundation Brush which I mainly got for doing full coverage makeup application. Its great for precise application of liquid/cream products. Priced at Php109.75 (£1.48).

Excuse my dirty brush but this Synthetic Contour Brush I actually have since February but I decided to include into this post since I got it from there as well. It costs around Php109.75 (£1.48) that I use to apply blush and highlighter.

One more I got from last February is this Large Shader Brush that works really, really well in applying eye shadows. Costs about Php89.75 (£1.21).

Last one is Small Angled Setting Brush which is actually my least favorite cause the brush doesnt feel as lush as the others, but I love the size of it and is great for setting my under eye makeup. Priced at Php99.75 (£1.34).

I seriously can’t believe how great these brushes plus its so damn cheap! They are very good brush dupes for Sigma & Beauty Blender. I would definitely buy again if I find different kinds. On a side note, I am lusting over some Sigma brush dupes in Ebay! Oh I just can’t get enough buying brushes! I really, really need to control! lol. Do you also buy dupe brushes? What do you think about them?




  1. Great finds! I love your silver brush containers, so cute!
    I always buy beauty blender dupes from drugstores, 😛 Never owned the real thing! It seems to me they work just as well and I rather dispose of them every couple of weeks and get a new, affordable one.

    1. Thank you! Well you would be surprise cause I got these silver containers for free in an after setup of Maison Objet from the French brand Sabre which was lying around so I got them! Lol. Well I do have the Real Techniques one and I really love it! That is completely fine, but I suggest you just wash it with baby shampoo and its as good as new again 😉❤️

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