Ole Henriksen Perfect Truth CC Creme


I may be a little late to join the bandwagon but I eventually did! So here’s a quick review on the new beauty cream taking over the beauty world, the CC cream.


CC Cream stands for color correcting which is common used to remove the redness and discoloration on one’s skin with or without makeup. Despite having a lot of choices of CC cream in the market, I’ve decided to pick up this one instead from Ole Henriksen. No specific reason in particular apart from I like trying high end skin products specially on my face, but when I was testing out drugstore CC creams, it didnt feel like it was something special.

At first application, it felt really nice and easy to blend to the skin and has this citrus-y smell that is just lovely. Makes you feel like youre actually putting something good on your skin apart from the other non-beneficial products that would go on top of it. lol. It protects your skin from the sun with spf30, supplies vitamin C and ferulic acid and doesnt age your skin. I did enjoy putting this on and decided to try it on 2 ways.

So I tried this one under foundation and without foundation to be able to find out which works best for me.

First of, under foundation. I use Urban Decay’s Naked Beauty Balm under foundation as a primer cause it feels good and has done good things on my skin which is why I decided to apply the same principle and get the benefits of CC cream but make it look more polished. I found it too oily under NYX HD Foundation and it didnt work so well after a few hours. Since then I completely ditched that principle and tried it without foundation.

So without foundation and layered a bit of concealer, it works better just by itself specially when you want a just-your-skin-but-better coverage. It does get oily but not as much. So I think this CC cream would work amazing with dry skin. I do wear this when I just stay in the office the whole day and can’t be bothered to retouch a lot. Its a great way for me to get my skin to breathe specially without the extra layer of foundation. I recommend using it by itself. Get it here!

Any other CC creams you recommend?




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