Dark & Light Lipstick




A few of my August purchases were these 3 lipsticks from Revlon and Barry M.

Since Fall is already here, its time to switch up a bit on color for a more deeper and richer feel. Ive been liking dark red lipsticks that before I get something high end, I decided to check out what the highstreet has to offer.

First up, is the Barry M Moisturizing Lip Paint in shade 160 Black Cherry. From the bullet, it looks black but once applied it sheens out into a deep raspberry color that is not as dark but just a deep color. It doesnt last that long so it requires reapplication. I got mine in Asos for £4.50.


Now from Revlon, their Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry which is the same name as Barry M and this one is quite popular too. This one is darker and leaning on the purple side. Im not so keen on the moisturizing power, it was drying my lips apart from the fact that it dark lipsticks just do that but it did chap my lips so I suggest to exfoliate and moisturize before you apply. It doesnt last that long so it requires reapplication too.


I also decided to pick up the Pink in the Afternoon which is a lovely everyday pink lipstick that is great since I am running out on that shade! Lol. You can get both here.


Loving the deep red color this season?
Let me know from which brand!



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