NYX HD & Fall Picks



So on a cheaper side and still part of my birthday haul, I got some stuff from Nyx. We all know Nyx being affordable with good quality and very updated in their collections. Ive decided to pick up their HD range which includes the HD foundation, concealer and the photo-loving primer. I have to be completely honest, I hate the smell of the primer. It feels like im smearing gasoline oil on my face but then the scent disappears and seems to work okay. The quality is good but they have to frigging fix that awful scent! I got it for $15.90. Then I thought it should work well with the HD foundation, which again I hate the awful smell. This time, it smells like plastic and even the coverage is good and pictures really well, the scent just puts me off terribly. Its almost 70% as good as MUFE HD foundation but it only lasts for 8 hours. Priced at $15.90 as well. But amongst them all, I found the HD concealer such a great buy. Coverage, check! Color, check! Great price, check! I highly-recommend this! Its easy to blend and good for under eye and spot cover. Priced at $15.90. Its as good as Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer but only 25% like MUFE full cover concealer. A lot of people says that its as good as Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer which I still have to find out!



Since Fall is already here, I got the blush in Mauve and lipliner in Auburn to match my dark lip looks while the shade Nude Pink for dark smokey eyes. Both products are great and are cheap! Both priced at $7.90. And I accidentally picked up a retractable lipliner in the shade Sand Beige which is so good for the 90s look ala Kylie Jenner which I used in the picture above!

That’s all folks! Are you also buying products that suits the Fall season?



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