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Sasa Haul!

Its almost 3 months since my last post and I apologise for that! I have soooo caught up with work and arranging my papers for my migration. So just a quick update on my life lately, Im finally moving to UK this May and joining my husband for a fresh new start of our married life. Im so so so excited about this and weve gone through so much that we truly deserve to be together!

So since im moving there for good, that means that I would be missing a lot of beauty products from Asia! So while I was in Macau last week, ive picked up a few bits and bobs in Sasa. If you havent been to Hongkong, Macau, China or Singapore, then you surely wont know what it is! Sasa is a beauty store thats sells different kinds of skin care, makeup and basically anything beauty from different brands and countries all over the world! I love going there specially in Macau/Hongkong since it far cheaper than getting it in Singapore.

Sasa is my beauty heaven when im in Macau/Hongkong in the after hours of my business trips. I cant help but swing by and find loads and loads of beauty products that ive been dying to get my hands on and score massive bargain deals!

Anyways, on to the haul! As usual, I will pick up a mask brand from Korea called Beyond the Real they have different kinds of masks that can cover every single need you have! it all breaks down to 3 kinds: Moisturizing, Brightening (whitening) and Firming. I normally would get Moisturizing: Hyaluronic Acid but this time Brightening: Multivitamin and Adlay also managed to hope into my basket! In a bargain price of 5 for MOP50 and the quality of these masks; it is just such a great deal! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! Ive been stocking a LOT of masks since its pretty hard to get them in England. I also picked up another popular mask from Taiwan called My Beauty Diary in Rose Whitening, Mexico Cactus and Lemon Vitamin C which I all adore! It costs MOP54/ piece and 3 for MOP154. (Not in the photo)

From Korea, i picked up Touch In Sol’s Feel Like Honeymoon Skin Base which is honey textured moisturizing primer that has gold particles. I love this one and makes my skin supple just before i put on my foundation. Discounted price at MOP63.20 from 139.

Ah and on to my main mission: Japanese Mascaras and Eyeliner! Ive spotted both Fairydrops Scandalqueen Platinum and Quattro Mascara. Both has the cutest packaging and weirdest wands ive ever seen that comes in 3 – 4 boobles and looks like it would never work but oh dear Lord, theyre amazing!!! I love it so much that I didnt hesitate to buy 2 after trying it! Platinum is waterproof, curls and volumizing with 3 bobbles while Quattro has 4 bobbles which is lengthening and volumizing. to be very honest, ill be buying a few more on my next visit before I leave for UK! its thats good! plus it only cost MOP 110 – 120 which is still so much cheaper than getting it from Culbeauty at GBP18.50! And unfortunately, both mascaras are not available in Singapore.

Last but not the least is K-palette 1 day tattoo eyeliner pen. Discounted price at MOP98, this eyeliner is the bomb! Long lasting, jetblack and easy application – nailed it all! Never missed out on getting this when you are in Asia! You can get this in  Sasa Singapore but twice the price.

Well thats it for now! Ive been stocking up so much that im worried with my check-in luggage! lol.

Til the next post!