Highlighting Heroes


Living in summer year round countries, i have gotten more and more obsessed in highlighters. Making your skin glow and look so gorgeous while using the play of sunlight on your skin.

Currently, i am loving Seventeen’s Skin Wow! Primer that is a good dupe for Becca Shimmering Perfector, and mixing it with my liquid foundation (best works with Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation for me!) and slap it straight on my face. It instantly gives me an extra subtle glow! Then again i still do extra highlighting by applying my powder highlighter from the first 2 light shade in my Seventeen Shimmer Bricks. If i dont feel like doing that, i use my Catrice Moisturizing Loose Powder in Bloomynous which is a fine loose powder with a very light pink shade and tiny speckles of shimmer.

But since my beloved Seventeen Shimmer Brick is almost finished, i have made a list of other products that i wanna try:



Topshop Glow Stick £10, available in topshop.com or on selected Topshop stores.
Very similar to the Nars Multiple, this Glow Stick is so pretty when i swatched it. It comes in Play Up which is a light very pale gold or in Spotlight which is a very light pale pink.


Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder US$45, sephora.com
A very popular highlighter that is so damn beautiful and just gives you the glow-from-within look, which of course we all love to achieve. Comes in 6 shades.


MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder in Soft & Gentle US$30, maccosmetics.com
Recommended by Camila Coelho, this one im sure would be a great product for me since i am only a touch lighter than Camila and she always looks stunning when she uses this. No questions asked.

Im still deliberating and thinking of which one to get but ill definitely try one of them.




  1. Great post! I am obsessed with highlighters. I really love the Mac Soft and Gentle one. It’s a very buildable highlighter.

    1. I havent really thought of it cause i havent even seen it in for real! Lol. I want to swatch it and see which one looks good on me. Which one do you recommend? 😊

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